All courses must be paid in full to purchase the course content. The price of the course is stated on its website page. These fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please make sure you purchase the correct course wanted as any mistakes cannot be changed once purchased.

It is not Devine Online’s responsibility for applying any promotional offers to it’s purchasing page. In order to gain any promotional offers that may be on, the purchaser must apply the code into the redeem your coupon box prior to pressing the check out button and entering payment details then processing the order.

Devine Online is not responsible for your PC / Laptop not being able to open the documents, all course packs are in PDF format. Devine Online will not offer any refund for cancellations outside our control.

When signing up for your account you will be asked to put your full name (This is as you want it to be displayed on your certificate). If you have made a mistake (i.e. spelling mistake) please email us:
The account must be registered with the learner’s details, do not create an account on somebody else’s behalf as we can only provide a certificate in the account holders name and it will lead to having to purchase the chosen course again.

The number of CPD hours stated on the certificate is the correct number of hours the course should take to complete from a commercially accepted timeframe.

Devine Online course packs and training videos cannot be relied upon for legal interpretation. The company accepts no responsibility for the actions of clients, or those of other people reading the course notes, or responsibility for any loss incurred through use of relying on the course content.

Devine Online reserves the rights on its design, text, images and materials used, including its website. Use is not permitted and must not be copied in any way.

Devine Online will always aim to provide all course content to the customer within 2 working days.

If a learner does not meet the required standards to successfully complete the criteria or show enough knowledge and understanding to safely complete the treatment, you will not gain the certificate and qualification.

Paying for a course fully does not guarantee a qualification, award, diploma or certificate of achievement. Certificates of achievement are gained by the successful fulfilment of the criteria set out by the various awarding bodies. The decision of the Managing Director is final in all cases.

Case studies must be completed within specified times given on the course or stated in the course book, otherwise you will not receive your full certification and re admission and cost of the course will be required. We aim to have case studies marked with feedback no later than 21 days.

For the learner to gain their certificate they must fully complete all course requirements specified on each webpage. Devine Online will take NO Excuses whatsoever as to why you require change of these rules.

All learners (depending on course) may be required to complete before and after studies to obtain a completion certification.

Learners that act inappropriately and bring dishonour to the company will be dismissed with immediate effect and will lose any monies paid and their rights to complete the course and achieve certification. The company does not except any kind of abusive behaviour from its learners, whether this be verbal, physical or written. We always follow a professional method of communication regardless of the matter and we would like this to be reciprocated.

If for any reason this isn’t followed you will be dismissed immediately from your qualification as this will not be tolerated.

If you do have any queries or complaints please send them to

Failure to comply with Devine Online Terms & Conditions will incur the disciplinary procedure which may result in withdrawal from any courses with no refund or exchange options.

It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you can gain insurance to perform the course treatment prior to purchasing the course content.

It is also your sole responsibility to ensure you have the correct prior qualifications needed to progress and purchase the course contents.

Devine Online does not offer its courses to learners under the age of 16 years.

All Exams require a 65% minimum pass rate in order to prove course knowledge. The specific amount will be shown on the course webpage and or course requirements. If the required score isn’t met you will have further attempts to achieve this.