We offer a wide range of courses from Level 2 to Level 6. Our Level 2 courses are designed for learners who have no previous knowledge of the subject and do not require any prerequisites (experience or qualifications). However, some of our higher-level courses do require prerequisites. We recommend reading the course description to get an understanding of the course and see if is right for you. We have designed our courses with detailed theory lessons and step-by-step video tutorials of treatments. This is a great method-of-learning for auditory and visual learners (those who prefer observing, reading and being tested on knowledge). If you are more of a kinesthetic learner (prefer to engage in activity to grasp a concept) we recommend qualifying via a training academy. You can visit our training academy website www.devinecosmeticstrainingacademy.co.uk to view our full course itinerary at Devine Cosmetics Training Academy, Widnes, Cheshire, WA7 6PG.
How it works Once you purchase and enroll onto your course you can start learning straight away. All of the theory is available online 24/7. Most of the courses include practical training videos to walk you through the treatments and give you more tips.  Once you're ready, you can then take your test. All of our tests are online multiple choice exams with instant results. When you pass, your certification will be generated for you to download.  If you don't pass, don't worry! You can revisit the theory and videos and take the exam as many times as need.  To get a more indepth look you can watch our 'How to' video below.
All of our exams are multiple choice. You can do them online once you have gone through your theory and training videos.
Once you complete your course and pass your final exam you will be able to immediately download a PDF digital certificate.
Yes! All our courses are accredited by The CPD Group?
Only for a limited amount of courses that we offer. Our course information advises which courses require case studies. Please send all case studies to sales@devinecosmeticstrainingacademy.co.uk
Our website will automatically mark your exam for you. So you will instantly get your results at the end of a quiz.
The course table states the required qualifications for each course. Alternatively you can also drop us an email to sales@devinecosmeticstrainingacademy.co.uk and we will be happy to help you out.
As soon as you purchase your course you can enroll and start learning.
That's entirely depends on you. Each course is different in study time. We also recognise you may have other commitments and allow 6 months for completion from your purchase date.
We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Please ensure you are fully committed before you complete your transaction for purchase.
Some students may need to re-take an exam. We do not charge for the re-take. If you do need to re-take an exam, we offer you guidance and feedback on what areas to focus on. You can re-take your exam anytime.
When signing up for your account you will be asked to put your full name (as you want it to be displayed on your certificate). If you have made a mistake (i.e. spelling mistake) please email us: sales@devinecosmeticstrainingacademy.co.uk Please note that the account must be registered with the learner's details, do not create an account on somebody else's behalf as we can only provide a certificate in the account holders name.